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Brake Repair

A brake system in perfect condition is imperative to guarantee the safety of your vehicle. An adequate inspection and following suggested maintenance intervals are the best way to avoid costly damages in your brake system and to provide the safety you and your loved ones deserve.

Incredibly! Your ears are the best devices to detect a brake problem. Disturbing sounds may be a clear signal that your brake pads are worn down. This is, if your ears perceive any sign of squealing, screeching, grinding, rubbing or other unusual noise, it is an obvious symptom that brake pads are not working properly. Other situations in which your brake system may be experiencing a failure are a brake pedal that can be depressed nearly to the floor and a brake warning light going on.

In all of these situations, the best move is to bring your vehicle to Flawless Automotive Repairs for an adequate and convenient brake inspection.  We guarantee you that we will provide you the right diagnosis.