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Engine Repair

Not all engines require the same type of service. Its necessities are based mainly on previous owner’s use, maintenance and driving conditions. At Flawless Automotive Repairs, we can offer you an ample list of services at very convenient prices, starting from a basic tune-up. Nevertheless, occasionally, an engine may be worn out and may require an even more complex process.

When a vehicle experiences major engine damage, the first alternative is to discharge your present car and buy a new one. But in some situations, repowering your car with a rebuilt/remanufactured engine can be a cheaper option than buying a new car. Besides, rebuilt engines turn usually to be better than brand new car engines because superior parts and components are used.

In addition, rebuilt engines obtain better gas mileage than worn-out engines and emit lesser pollutants. In conclusion, an engine repowering can be cost-saving and decisive when analyzing the possibility of buying a new car.