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Transmission Service

Following your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations regarding transmission service intervals are essential to maintain your transmission running well and guarantee its smooth and efficient operation.  In fact, the reparation or the replacement of your transmission can become one of the most costly repairs you may have to perform on your car.  For that reason, it is highly recommendable that in order to preserve the life of your transmission and avoid future expensive repair costs, transmission fluid should be replaced in regular basis following specified intervals.

Every vehicle uses transmission fluid to cool and lubricate its components and moving parts.  This is indispensable to maintain thermal conditions stable and in normal operating degrees, and to extend the life of the transmission.  Nevertheless, some of the ingredients in the transmission fluid decompose over time due to heat exposure, making necessary to replace the original fluid at that moment.

We at Flawless Automotive Repairs guarantee our customers that whether you drive a car, truck or SUV, manual or automatic transmission, foreign or domestic, luxury or domestic, we will follow manufacturer’s specifications and perform the full removal of all old liquid and the installation of new transmission fluid at the correct moment to assure the long life and efficient operation of your transmission.